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Expansion of Floor Space for New Finishing Department

Posted : Monday 31st March 2014

Sheffield Precision has expanded its finishing and stockholding operations into a further 5000 sq. ft. manufacturing unit, and all directly connected into our main facility.


Work began in the summer of 2013 and took over seven months to be fully completed. The facilities is now fully operational and provides dedicated departments for polishing, bead blasting, laser welding, laser marking, asssembly, functionality testing, final visual inspection and stockholding. The stock control facility expansion is directly in response to longer term customer manufacturing agreements.

The new accomodation increases capacity throughput to facilitate our growth for the next five years, is 'class leading', and specifically deisgned to offer the best in employment conditions, together with efficient throughput for our icnreasing volumes of production.

Our growth as a company is a direct result of our employees high level of commitment to producing the finest in surgical instrumentation, and fully servicing the requirements of customer orders.


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