SPM joins British Business Delegation to China with the PM David Cameron

4 December 2013

Sheffield Precision Medical was privileged to be selected to accompany the UK PM, David Cameron, together with other leading British politicians, business leaders and journalists on a trip to China.

Our CEO Brian Reece has said ‘it was a very valuable opportunity to understand the real growth of the Chinese economy and to engage in discussions which has brought a much better understanding of the opportunities for SPM’.

‘The itinerary was relentless; healthcare, food industry, automotive and education, together with a busy schedule of presentations from leading experts such as Ernst and Young. It was an invaluable four days.’

China continues its rapid expansion. Twenty years ago you would have had difficulty counting the middle class whereas today there are around 350m and by 2020 this figure is expected to have grown to nearer 600m. These people have the power to make choices in the way they live and be far more selective in the services and products they pay for.