Passivation & Ultrasonic Cleaning

Elevate your stainless steel product standards with our in-house cleaning and nitric passivation lines, designed in accordance with ASTM A967 specifications.

At Sheffield Precision Medical, we provide unparalleled manual cleaning-rinsing-passivation-rinsing-drying process that guarantees every piece part is perfectly inert and free of dirt particles upon reaching your hands. Our confidence in passivation performance is backed up by engineering studies and planned validations performed meticulously by our team of experienced validation engineers. This includes periodic maintenance of passivation facilities and regular copper sulphate and passi test.

Apart from guaranteeing your components impeccably clean and optimally corrosion resistant, we are also experts in maintaning surface properties. Our extensive work on effects of passivation on laser marking has vastly improved our understanding, allowing us to develop a successful approach that ensures the quality of our laser marking remains uncompromised post-passivation, preserving the legibility and durability of crucial markings on medical device.